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Ball Badminton Game: Rules, Equipment, and Court Details

It is believed that it originated in India in the 19th century but the exact origin is unknown. The game

Top 8 Tournament Software for Badminton 2023

The era of manually managing schedules, scores, and brackets is over. From registration and scheduling to live score updates and

Badminton Court Size, Net Height,Markings

Beginners frequently question the Badminton Court Size, Net Height, and Markings. The short answer for the overall measurements is that

Badminton Net Height in Feet

Unlock the Secrets of Badminton Net Height. From Feet to Meters, Centimeters to Inches - Master the Art of Setting

Australian Open Badminton 2023

One of the most recognized competitions in badminton is the Australian Open badminton. It is an annual event that is

Top 10 Badminton Shoes for Women

People of all ages and genders can enjoy the sport of badminton. Although the game is rather basic, having the