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One of the most recognized competitions in badminton is the Australian Open badminton. It is an annual event that is a part of the BWF World Tour and takes place in Sydney, Australia. The competition offers US$420,000 in prize money because it is currently a Super 500 event.

Badminton players get a fantastic chance to exhibit their abilities and fight against the best in the world at the Australian Open. The competition is a well-liked occasion for spectators, who can take in some of the year’s most thrilling badminton matches.

Short History

The first Australian Open was contested in Melbourne, Australia, in 1975. It was formerly a Grade 2 competition, but 2011 it was elevated to a Grand Prix Gold-level competition. The Australian Open was elevated to a Super Series event between 2014 and 2017. It is a Super 300 event of the BWF World Tour from 2018 to 2022. This competition will be a Super 500 event starting in 2023.

Since 1975, every year—except for 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic—the Australian Open has been held. There have been 48 tournaments carried out overall, with China having won the most titles with 18. Malaysia comes in second with 11 titles, ahead of Indonesia in second with 13 titles.

most sucessful player in BWF Austraila OPEN Badminton

Most successful players

Having won the men’s singles title five times, Lin Dan of China is the most successful player in Australian Open history. Zhang Ning (China, women’s singles, four championships), Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia, men’s singles, three titles), and Chen Long (China, men’s singles, three titles) are further multiple winners.

Competition Information

The State Sports Centre in Sydney, Australia, will host the 2023 Australian Open from August 1–6, 2023. Both the BWF website and its YouTube channel will stream the tournament live.

Prize Money Table

Singles for menUS$71,000
Singles for womenUS$60,000
Men’s doubles$42,000
Women’s doubles$36,000
Mixed doubles$30,00
The total prize money for this tournament is $420,000

Additional Details

Badminton players have a fantastic chance to raise their position in the global rankings during the Australian Open.
Fans can see some of the top badminton players in the world perform in the competition.
Ticket prices for the prestigious Australian Open event are high.

2023 Male Players

  • Kodai Naraoka
  • Li Shi Feng
  • Loh Kean Yew
  • Prannoy H. S.
  • Shi Yu Qi
  • Anthony Sinisuka Ginting
  • Chou Tien Chen
  • Jonatan Christie

2023 Female Players

  • Beiwen Zhang
  • Kim Ga Eun
  • Pornpawee Chochuwong
  • Pusarla V. Sindhu
  • Ratchanok Intanon
  • Supanida Katethong
  • An Se Young
  • Aya Ohori


The tournament in Sydney is scheduled to follow the schedule listed below, with the finals taking place on August 6, 2023, on Sunday.

Tuesday – Day 11 August 2023Round of 32 Matches
Wednesday – Day 22 August 2023Round of 32 Matches
Thursday – Day 33 August 2023Round of 16 Matches
Friday – Day 44 August 2023Quarterfinal Matches
Saturday – Day 55 August 2023Semifinal Matches
Sunday – Day 66 August 2023Finals

Ranking Points

Women’s/Men’s Singles

1st Round$02,220
2nd Round$1,4703,600

Women’s/Men’s/Mixed Doubles (Per Team)

The prize money and ranking points for the 2023 women’s and men’s singles champions are $31,500 and 9,200, respectively, while the prize money and ranking points for the loser are $15,960 and 7,800.

1st Round$02,220
2nd Round$15,753,600


The Australian Open is one of the most famous badminton competitions in the world. The competition, which takes place in Sydney, Australia, offers a sizable prize pool and ranking points. Some of the best badminton players have won the Australian Open, which has been played annually since 1975.

August 1–6, 2023, will be the dates for the Australian Open. Live streaming of the competition will be available on the BWF website and YouTube channel. I’m hoping you’ll watch as some of the world’s top badminton players compete for the championship. For complete information about this tournament please visit official BWF website.


1: What kind of rules govern the Australian Open?

Each match in the Australian Open is a knockout match because it is a single-elimination competition. The winner of each match will go to the next round and the loser will eliminated.

2: In how many players does the Australian Open take place?

The Australian Open in 2023 will have 428 players in total. This tournament consists of 128 players in the men’s and women’s singles competitions, 64 pairs in the men’s and women’s doubles, and 32 pairs in the mixed doubles.

3: How can I watch the Australian Open?

On the BWF website and YouTube channel, live streaming of the Australian Open will be available. In some nations, you may also watch the competition on television.

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