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People of all ages and genders can enjoy the sport of badminton. Although the game is rather basic, having the correct tools will help you play your best. This is particularly true of shoes, which have the power to make or break a game. So in the article, we will talk about the top 10 badminton shoes for women.

But before we get started, there are a few considerations to make while buying badminton shoes for women. First and foremost, check to see if the shoes are cozy. Finding a shoe that fits well and doesn’t rub or pinch is crucial because you’ll be on your feet a lot.

The second step is to locate a pair of shoes that support your foot well and guard against significant issues like bunions or plantar fasciitis. Last, but not least, check sure the shoe has sufficient traction. You will be starting and stopping quickly because badminton is a fast-paced sport. To keep you from slipping and sliding on the court, a decent shoe will feature a gripping sole.

Badminton Shoes for Women

The Shoes mentioned below are the best top 10 badminton shoes for women because the research we have done is based on many factors such as cushioning, traction, stability, breathability, and overall durability to bring you the best options available on the market.

Asics Gel Rocket 9

On the number 1st of this list is Asics Gel Rocket 9 because of its great comfort and support, badminton players favor this one most. You can move rapidly without experiencing any pain thanks to the shock-absorbing Gel covering the forefoot and rearfoot. By increasing stability, the Trusstic System stops the shoe from twisting during side movements. Both inside and outdoor play are made possible by the non-marking outsole, which offers good traction on the court. The Gel Rocket 9 won’t let you down whether you’re a novice or a pro.

badminton asics shoes for women

Yonex Power Cushion 65

On the number 2nd of this list is the Power Cushion 65 from Yonex, a well-known brand in the badminton community, lives up to its reputation. As a result of the Power Cushion technology’s greater shock absorption, your knees, and ankles will not be as stressed. For additional comfort throughout prolonged matches, a roomy toe region is provided by the Ergoshape design which makes you feel relaxed. Extra padding and support are provided by the collar and tongue padding. You’ll have more responsiveness and stability on the court with the Yonex Power Cushion 65.

badminton yonex shoes for women

3. Adidas Court Team Bounce

On the number 3rd of this list is the Adidas Court Team Bounce includes Bounce cushioning, which offers energizing comfort and is ideal for fast movements and hops because it is made for agility and speed. Adiwear’s outsole provides excellent friction and stability for the best grip possible on a variety of court conditions. The slim design makes it easier to concentrate on your game and reduces tiredness. The Adidas Court Team Bounce is a wonderful option if you’re a player who loves quickness and looks.


4. Li-Ning Essence

On the number 4th of this list with Xtructure technology, the Li-Ning Essence is a top-tier badminton shoe that offers stability and support throughout challenging gameplay. Your feet are shielded from impact by the responsive cushioning provided by the CushioN foam. You won’t slip when you quickly shift directions thanks to the anti-slip rubber outsole. The seamless structure reduces friction to keep matches from becoming uncomfortable. You’ll have the Li-Ning Essence, and you’ll feel confident and prepared to rule the court.

lining badminton shoes for women

5. Victor SH-A920

On the number 5th of this list is the Victor SH-A920 is designed to give your game strength and quickness. Your feet will experience less stress due to the superb rebound and shock absorption provided by the EnergyMax 3.0 technology in the midsole. The anti-twist shank improves stability and offers solid support when moving laterally. Your feet will stay dry and comfortable throughout your matches thanks to the upper’s design, which comprises soft and breathable materials. The Victor SH-A920 is a great option for gamers looking for the best performance.

victor best badminton shoes for women

6. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6

On the number 6th of this list is the Wave Lightning Z6 another example of the high-quality athletic footwear for which Mizuno is known. With DynamotionFit, this shoe offers a tight and flexible fit that moves with your foot. Quick footwork and jumps are made possible by the lightweight cushioning provided by the SR Touch technology in the midsole. While the anatomical cup insole guarantees comfort throughout the extended play, the D-Flex Groove improves flexibility and agility. The Wave Lightning Z6 is a strong option for players who prioritize comfort and precision.

mizuno dadminton shoes

7. Babolat Shadow Spirit 2

On the number 7th of this list with maximum protection and comfort are features of the Babolat Shadow Spirit 2 that are designed to be used on the court. By absorbing shock, the KPRS-X cushioning in the heel area lowers the risk of injury. The outstanding traction and durability of the Michelin outsole provide you with the assurance you need to give your best effort. The heel padding adds additional support during vigorous exercises. For gamers looking for dependable performance, the Babolat Shadow Spirit 2 is a great option thanks to its exceptional stability and cushioning.

Babolat shoes for badminton athelets

8. Forza Light 9

On the number 8th of this list, a multipurpose badminton shoe that provides the advantages of two shoes in one is the Forza Light 9. Based on your preferences and playing style, you can modify the cushioning and support level using its Dual shoe technology. The lightweight cushioning of the Phylon midsole and the ergonomic heel shape provides stability when making lateral motions. You may adjust your playing experience with the Forza Light 9 to suit your preferences for a harder or more cushioned feel.

Forza shoes for badminton

9. Li-Ning Ranger TD

On the number 9th of this list is the Li-Ning Ranger TD which is a performance-focused choice that is affordable. The midsole’s TD cushioning provides enough shock absorption, protecting your feet from the force of landings and jumps. Intense movements are more stable thanks to the TPU support structure, reducing the chance of ankle injuries. With minimal friction and pain, the seamless design helps you retain your attention on the game. In my opinion the Li-Ning Ranger TD is a great option if you’re seeking an economical and dependable badminton shoe.

LIning shoe badminton

10. Puma Rise XT Fuse 1

Finally the last but not least is Puma’s Rise XT Fuse 1 badminton shoe combines fashion and functionality. With the help of the FuseFit technology, you may customize the fit to meet your feet’s particular shape. Your agility on the court will be improved by the higher energy return provided by the NRGY midsole. You may easily change directions because of the outstanding traction provided by the rubber outsole. The Puma Rise XT Fuse 1 is a shoe to think about if you want something that fits your sense of fashion without sacrificing functionality.

puma badminton shoes for women


Badminton is a game that calls for skill, strategy, and the right equipment. I have tried many different badminton shoes over the years as a dedicated badminton player, but the ones mentioned above have stood out for their great performance and comfort. I have personally witnessed how each shoe can take a player’s game to new heights and how they cater to various preferences.

Consider your playing style, foot form, and court surface while selecting badminton shoes. The best way to avoid injuries is to wear shoes with good cushioning, especially during tough bouts. Fast lateral motions and jumps require stability and traction. During prolonged play, breathability and lightweight construction help keep your feet cool and lessen tiredness.

Before deciding, don’t forget to try the shoes on and test them out on the court. Priority one should be given to comfort and fit because they can have a big impact on your performance and general enjoyment of the game. Hope so this article top 10 badminton shoes for women will help you a lot before selecting your desired shoes.


1: What distinguishes badminton shoes from other types of sports footwear?
Badminton shoes come with qualities like improved cushioning, better stability, and superior traction because they are made particularly for the demands of the sport. They allow for fast movements and agility on the court because they are lighter and more flexible than traditional sports shoes.

2: Can I play badminton in running shoes?
Running shoes offer cushioning, but they lack the stability and lateral support necessary for badminton. Injuries are more likely when playing badminton in running shoes, especially when moving from side to side.

3: How frequently should I buy new badminton shoes?
Badminton shoes have a lifespan that varies depending on the court surface, play intensity, and usage frequency. Every six months to a year, on average, or as soon as you see obvious wear and tear, it is advised to replace them.

4: What characteristics should a badminton shoe for wide feet have?
Look for badminton shoes with a wider toe box or an Ergoshape design if you have wide feet because they provide more area for your toes. Another way to reduce friction and pain is to wear shoes with a seamless design.

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