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Ball badminton is an exciting sport that combines parts of badminton, tennis, and volleyball. Ball badminton is such a game that entertains and enjoys players of all skill levels. In this article, we’ll review Ball Badminton Rules, Equipment, and Court Details to help you start your journey and become a ball badminton enthusiast.

What is Ball Badminton?

In ball badminton, players use a small racket to hit a yellow wool ball over a net on a court. This sport closely resembles badminton but with a slight variation – it involves a heavier ball. Ball badminton, a popular sport in India, is thought to have its origins in the 19th century.

History of Ball Badminton

It is believed that it originated in India in the 19th century but the exact origin is unknown. The game is thought to have originated by the royal family in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu. Ball badminton quickly gained popularity in southern India and spread to the rest of the country.

In 1954, the Ball Badminton Federation of India was established. The federation is responsible for organizing national and international tournaments, and it also promotes the sport to newcomers. Ball badminton is presently played in over 20 countries and is increasing in popularity worldwide.

Equipment Needed

The following are the equipments you will need to play ball badminton

A racket

Manufacturers specially craft ball badminton rackets to facilitate quick maneuverability. These rackets generally have a smaller and lighter design than tennis rackets, while still being larger than standard badminton rackets

rackets used in ball badminton


The sport features a unique ball crafted from a combination of wool, cork, and leather, offering an ideal equilibrium of weight and bounce.

ball used in ball  badminton

Court Detalis

As with badminton, the ball badminton court is also in rectangular shape with a total measurement of 24 by 13 meters for singles and 24 by 16 meters for doubles. The Net divides the court into two equal parts just like in badminton. The position of net height is 2.5 meters.

Rules of Ball Badminton


In Ball Badminton, a rally-point scoring system is in place, enabling both the server and the receiver to score points.


Each game begins with a serve, and players take turns serving. The server’s goal is to transfer the ball diagonally to the opponent’s court.


Common mistakes include stepping over lines, playing outside of the court, and failing to follow the rotational rules.

Strategies and Techniques


Players use a variety of strategies to overcome opponents and gain points, including smashes, drops, and lobs.


You should have strong defense abilities like blocking and getting back which is essential for sustaining game control.

Health Benefits

Ball badminton is not only an exciting physical game but also manage several health benefits. It improves not only hand-eye coordination but also cardiovascular fitnes and overal physical well-being.


In conclusion, Ball Badminton is an exciting games that consists of athleticism, strategy, and finesse. Without a knowldege of Ball Badminton: Rules, Equipment, and Court Details you cant enoy it fully.


How many players comprise a Ball Badminton doubles team?

A Ball Badminton doubles team involves two players on each side

What is the primary objective of Ball Badminton?
The primary objective of Ball Badminton is to accumulate points by successfully placing the ball within the opponent’s court without incurring a fault.

Which materials are utilized in crafting a Ball Badminton ball?

Typically, a Ball Badminton ball is fashioned from wool, cork, and leather.

What are some common faults in Ball Badminton?
Common transgressions in Ball Badminton encompass stepping on the court lines, serving out of bounds, and violating the rotation rules

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