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Beginners frequently question the Badminton Court Size, Net Height, and Markings. The short answer for the overall measurements is that they are 20 feet broad by 44 feet long.

A popular racket sport, badminton, involves mobility, strategy, and accuracy. Understanding the exact size of a badminton court, the suitable net height, and appropriate markings is essential for guaranteeing a fair and fun game. In this extensive guide, We’ll review everything you need to know to properly set up a badminton court and improve your playing experience.

A Closer Look at Badminton Court Size, Net Height, and Markings

The proper court dimensions, net height, and markings are essential for playing badminton. Let’s examine each component in greater detail. If you are more detailed about badminton, visit BWF’s official website or click the link to see it directly.

Badminton Court Size

For doubles matches, the width of a normal badminton court is 20 feet, and for singles matches, it is 17 feet. The court’s length, 44 feet, doesn’t change. These measurements were carefully chosen to offer a level playing field for both singles and doubles matches. Players have plenty of room to move about and execute their strokes successfully on the right-sized court.

Badminton Court Size for double player
Badminton Court Size for singal player

Dimensions of the Badminton Alleys in Feet

The 44-foot-long badminton courts are 1.5 feet broad and long. Additionally, on a full badminton court, there are two badminton alleys: one on the left and one on the right. The area of a single badminton court is 66 square feet; this calculation involves dividing the court’s width by its length

dimension of badmintion alleys in foot and meters

Dimensions of a Singles Service Area

The singles service area has dimensions of 15 feet 6 inches long by 8 feet 6 inches broad. This results in 131.75 square feet of space. This is determined by dividing its 8.5-foot breadth by its 15.5-foot length

badminton dimension measurements

Dimensions of a Doubles Service Area

The dual service area measures 13 feet in length by 10 feet in width. 130 square feet are created as a result. Its breadth (10 feet) and length (13 feet) are multiplied to determine this.

Area of a Full Badminton Court in Square Feet

A whole badminton court has an area of 880 square feet.To calculate this, divide the width of the full court (20 feet) by its length (44 feet).

Area of a full badminton

Area of a Singles Badminton Court in Square Feet

A badminton court has a surface area of 748 square feet. This calculation involves dividing the length of the singles court (44 feet) by its width (17 feet).


Thickness of Badminton Court Lines

The badminton court lines are 1.57 inches thick. if you want to read a detailed article on badminton net hight then simpy click here.


Your badminton game will advance as you become proficient with the court dimensions, net height, and markings. You obtain a competitive edge and the capacity to outmaneuver your rivals by comprehending the subtleties of these components. Every element, from the court’s exact proportions to the placement of markings, enhances the thrilling badminton experience. So, enter the court with assurance and the information necessary to win the match.


How can I check if the net height is accurate?

Fair play demands setting the net at the appropriate height. Therefore, use a measuring tape to examine the height of the net at its center. It needs to be 5 feet

Is it possible to alter the court size for accommodating casual play?

For a balanced experience, you can alter the court size based on the available area, while trying to preserve the usual ratios.

What effects do improper court markings have?

Inaccurate court marks may result in arguments and undue advantages. Players could misread shots or borders, which would change the result of the game. Before a match starts, the players must create accurate markings

What are the badminton court’s dimensions and markings?

Forty-four feet long and 20 feet wide make up an entire badminton court. Furthermore, teams utilize this approach for doubles and mixed doubles matches. Additionally, a singles badminton court measures 44 feet in length by 17 feet in width. In singles play, players consider the side alleys as off-limits, resulting in a narrower court

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