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Pakistan Day

Pakistan Day

  • Pakistan Day marks relinquishment of the 1940 resolution calling for an independent state for Muslims of India
  • Saturday’s cortege demurred off with the cover past of fighter spurts of the Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy

ISLAMABAD The Pakistan Day service cortege was held moment, Saturday, at Parade Avenue in the civil capital of Islamabad, with the Saudi defense minister attending as a guest of honor.

The cortege is being held on the 84th anniversary of “ Pakistan Day, ” marked each time to celebrate the relinquishment of the Lahore Resolution by the Muslim League, which called for the creation of an independent state for the Muslims of India on March 23, 1940.

Saturday’s cortege demurred off with the cover past of fighter spurts of the Pakistan air force and cortege.

“ recently instated J- 10 C, indigenously erected JF- 17, F- 16 and Mirage fighter spurts as well as AWACs, P- 3C Orion and ATR shared in the cover past, ” Radio Pakistan reported. “ The Saudi Defense Minister is attending the cortege as a guest of honor. ”

Contingents of the Pakistan army, cortege, and air force, as well as Special Services Group, Frontier Corps, Rangers, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police, and Gilgit Baltistan Scouts, marched past the tribune, presenting a salutation to the principal guest and the guest of honor. colors from Azerbaijan and China are also shared in the cortege of Pakistan Day.

Mechanized columns including tanks, armored labor force carriers, rocket launchers, air defense systems, ordnance, UAVs, and short and long-range dumdums Ra’ad, Nasr, Babur, Shaheen, Ghauri, and Ababeel were showcased on the occasion. The army’s engineering fraternity also presented state-of-the-art outfits.

The cortege featured the march and fly past of the copters of the cortege, air force, and army.

“ conformations of Sherdils and JF-17 Thunder and F-16 fighter spurts presented stirring aerobatic pushes spreading a range of colors in the skies, ” Radio Pakistan said. “ Docks depicting the culture of Azad Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, and the four businesses were part of the cortege. ”

“ The skydivers of Special Services Group displayed free fall from a height of ten thousand bases, carrying public flags and those of services. latterly, the public flag was presented to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, ” Radio Pakistan added. “ The cortege crowned with a donation of a special song themed ‘ Pochay Jo Naam Koi Tum Pakistan Batana. ’”


In a communication to the nation ahead of the cortege on Saturday morning, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said his government was committed to putting the country on the path to profitable recovery and substance with a “ forceful policy reform frame. ”

“ We’re fully conscious of the serious challenges defying Pakistan presently including affectation, severance, indirect debt, financial and trade deficiency, and overall the growing scourge of terrorism, ” the high minister said.

“ I can assure you that we stand committed to putting Pakistan on the path to profitable recovery and substance with a forceful policy reform frame. I hope that these measures will bring profitable stability and that the current surge of high affectation will retire, bringing respite for our citizens. ”

Independently, the Pakistan army complimented the nation on Pakistan Day, saying “This major day reminds us of the topmost offerings and benefactions of our fathers which they made in the struggle for the creation of Pakistan. ”

“ On this day, the Armed Forces of Pakistan renew their resoluteness to defend the motherland and cover its sovereignty and territorial integrity at all times and any cost, and uphold the public flag. ”

“ Let’s cherish the vision of our fathers and strive to fulfill the dreams they had for our cherished motherland. Happy Pakistan Day, ” the foreign office said.

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