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Pakistan Day

Pakistan’s delegacies worldwide proudly commemorated Pakistan Day on Saturday. From Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates to the United Kingdom and beyond, a surge of public fervor swept through political operations.

Pakistan Day Celebrations included

Flag Hoisting observances ministers and High Officers extended Pakistan’s flag in a display of public pride.

National Anthems The shifting warbles of Pakistan’s hymn reverberated at delegacies, uniting those present in a participated sense of identity.

Presidential and Prime Ministerial dispatches The inspiring words of Pakistan’s leadership were participated, reminding everyone of the nation’s vision and pretensions.
Highlights from Specific Delegacies.

Highlights from Specific Embassies

Bangladesh High Commissioner Syed Ahmed Maroof emphasized the significance of fulfilling the founding fathers’ dreams.

Japan Special supplements in major journals and community gatherings marked the occasion.
Moscow A solemn form paid respect to victims of a recent terrorist attack, followed by a festivity of Pakistan Day.

Azerbaijan Ambassador Bilal Hayee led the flag- hoisting form, joined by delegacy staff, Pakistani citizens, and Azerbaijani guests.

Brussels Ambassador Amna Baloch spoke of the offerings made in the pursuit of an independent motherland.

London, Barcelona, and the United States Grand fests with flag hoisting, receptions, and participation by dignitaries and community members.

This global display of concinnity and pride showcased the continuing spirit of Pakistan on its National Day.

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