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kite flying

Azma Bukhari On Kite Flying

In a move aimed at enhancing public safety, Punjab Information Minister Azma Bukhari announced a strict zero-tolerance policy against kite flying during a visit to Dunya News on Monday. The minister’s visit included a tour of the channel’s departments and a briefing on their news operations.

“Punjab is on track for significant progress under the leadership of Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz,” Bukhari remarked. She emphasized the importance of public safety and outlined the government’s resolute stance against kite flying, a common practice that can pose a threat due to razor-sharp strings.

Bukhari also shared positive news regarding emergency medical services, revealing plans to launch an air ambulance service within Punjab in the coming month. This initiative is expected to significantly improve response times for critical medical emergencies. Here is a complete guide on the Sudi defense minister who visited Pakistan on 23rd March and attended the Pakistan Resolution day

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