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Minister Of Higher Education

The University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar( UET) took a significant step towards enhancing pupil experience on Monday with the induction of a new Student Service Center (SSC) by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Minister for Higher Education, Meena Khan.

This one- stop result center marks a shift towards a more effective and technology- driven approach to address pupil requirements. Equipped with ultramodern tools and well- trained staff, the SSC aims to streamline processes related to academic reiterations, course enrollment , degree concurrence, and other essential matters.

” The establishment of the SSC reflects UET Peshawar’s commitment to prioritizing pupil well- being and fostering a pupil- centric literacy terrain,” said UET Vice Chancellor,Prof.Dr. Qaisar Ali. He emphasized the center’s focus on exercising technology to minimize delay times and give a flawless experience for scholars.

In a media address, the Minister offered assurances that the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government is close to finishing a sustainable fiscal model to address the fiscal challenges faced by universities in the fiefdom. She also emphasized the significance of aligning engineering education with current request demands to insure graduates retain the necessary chops for successful careers.

The induction form was attended by university elders, elderly faculty members, and executive staff. TheVice-Chancellor also delivered a donation detailing UET Peshawar’s conditioning, exploration portfolio, and current fiscal constraints.

This action signifies UET Peshawar’s fidelity to nonstop enhancement and its commitment to furnishing a world- class educational experience for its scholars.

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