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Hello, guys hope everyone will be fine. Today I’m back with another interesting blog on how to earn from WriterBay.com WriterBay is a freelancing network that connect freelancer writter with clients who need content created.As a freelance writter you can easily earn money on WrriterBay.

According to the company’s website, it offers a range of writing services, including academic writing, business writing, and creative writing.There are over 10,000 writers on the platform, skilled in various writing styles and disciplines. Clients can choose from various payment options, including hourly, project-based, and ongoing retainer arrangements.

As well as a job board, writing tips, and a community forum, WriterBay.com offers a range of tools and resources for writers. It needs to be clear how long the company has been in operation or what countries it serves. In addition, it needs to be clarified how the company verifies the qualifications and skills of its writers or whether it offers any guarantees or protections.

freelancer writer make money from writterbay

How to earn from it? Step by step.

If you guys want to earn from writer Bay.com then read the steps given below. After reading these steps you can make a good amount of money as a freelancing writer from it. But before talking about steps, let me know that writer bay is currently paying 20$  per page. will these steps be:      

Step 1:How to create an account?

After knowing everything about how to earn money WriterBay.com the first of all step is how to create an account on it and make money as a freelancing writer. will it be very simple because nothing complicated is involved in it? All you just need is

  • Go to google.com and search writrebay.com
  • Click on writer bay .com and you will see the page given below 
  • After giving all the personal detail you simply click on the “next button” given at the bottom.

 Step 2:Qualification Requirements

After completing the form for personal information the next stage is to fill out the qualification form. Here it asks you about your qualification experiences.

  •  First of all, you have to select your native language. 
  • The language in which you are an expert
  •  Your  subject in which you did your major degree 
  • 3 to 7 disciplines in which are most proficient 
  • The software which you use for the language in which you are proficient

Step 3: some extra information.

The third step is to give some additional information about yourself like

  • Description of yourself 
  • Your social media accounts 
  • A letter that describes your personality 

Step 4: Verification.

After completing all the steps mentioned above, the last and final step is to verify your account. After creating an account on writerbay.com they will send you an email to verify your account. The email  will have two things in it 

  • The first is a link that you have to click on it and your account will verify. 
  • The second is your password 

Bonus tip:

Here I will give you a bonus tip to earn fast and much more than others. What you have to do is to click on the id number and there you will see four different options. Just click on the application form. 

  • First, complete a quiz.
  • Answer only 2 questions from 100 to 200 words.
  • Writer and easy of 240 to 360 words as a demo article.
  • Upload your cv.

Now you have completed all the steps. now if want to make money earned as a freelance writer then a bonus tip is to go to other writers’ profiles and check their comments. From the comments, you can easily find a job


WriterBay.com is a platform that connects writers with clients who are in need of written content. Some people may have had positive experiences with WriterBay.com and found it to be a helpful resource for finding freelance writing work, while others may have had negative experiences or found the platform to be less helpful. Without more information, it is not possible to provide a definitive conclusion on WriterBay.com. 


1:How do you get paid on Writerbay?

Ans: select the article which you want to write. Complete it as soon as possible and upload it onto your account and mentioned it as final. After approval get paid 

2:Is Writerbay com trustworthy?

Ans: talking about rating then WiterBay.com is rated 3.9 out of 5  based on 7 reviews by employees on AmbitionBox

3:How much does writer bay pay?

Ans: well talking about the annual salaries of WriterBay.com then it is NRI 3.3 lakhs.

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