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A History of Kmart Shuttlecocks

The actual chronology of Kmart’s shuttlecock venture remains a mystery. However, they have existed since the 1970s, coinciding with the greater badminton boom in the United States. Kmart capitalized on this growing interest by offering shuttlecocks at low prices, making the pastime more accessible to casual players and families.

Throughout the years, Kmart’s shuttlecock offerings evolved. From basic nylon and plastic options to more advanced feather varieties, they catered to a wider range of skill levels and playing styles. Their presence remained consistent, becoming a go-to choice for many badminton enthusiasts, particularly beginners and recreational players seeking value without compromising quality.

Kmart’s shuttlecock collection may have decreased since its zenith due to shifting store trends and heightened internet competition. But even so, they continue to play a big role in the badminton histories of many recreational players and families, reminding them of the game’s accessibility and the fun of a backyard game

Kmart Shuttlecocks

Soaring High: Advice on How to Use Kmart Shuttlecocks

Whether you’re an experienced smasher or an aware newbie, here are some pointers to help you get the most out of your Kmart shuttlecocks.

For Casual Players and Novices

To start, start with nylon or plastic shuttlecocks; they are more resilient and accommodating, ideal for learning the ropes without having to buy new ones all the time.

Select the appropriate weight:

Lighter shuttlecocks are slower and simpler to manage, whilst heavy ones need more power. First, go for lighter choices.

Consider the playing surface:

Indoor shuttlecocks are meant for cleaner surfaces, whereas outdoor shuttlecocks are made to endure wind and harder surfaces.

Kmart shuttlecocks

Hit with control:

Focus on accuracy and consistency rather than raw power. Kmart shuttlecocks might not be the most aerodynamic, so finesse is key.

Experiment with feather shuttlecocks:

As your skills progress, explore feather options for a truer badminton experience. Kmart offers varieties that might cater to your budget.

Adapt the shuttlecock to your style of play:

Aggressive players may favor quicker flight options, whilst control-oriented players may choose somewhat slower ones. Proper technique and swing mechanics are essential for the optimal use of any shuttlecock, even those available at Kmart.

Store them right:

Keep your shuttlecocks in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain their integrity.

Keep them properly stored:

Keep your shuttlecocks in a cool, dry spot away from direct sunshine to keep their integrity.

Changing out worn-out shuttles:

Damaged or broken feathers, as well as distorted forms, can interfere with flying and be deadly. For improved playability and safety, don’t hesitate to change them.

Keeping Your Birds Safe:

Even the best-kept shuttlecocks can wear out over time. Here are some strategies to shield them from harm and increase their lifespan:

Avoid hitting the cork directly:

Aim for the feathers for cleaner shots and less stress on the cork.

Make use of the right grips:

Worn-out or slippery grips can result in missed shots and shuttlecock damage.
Playing in windy or dusty circumstances can hasten wear and tear, so be aware of your surroundings.

Keep them in a safe place:

Keep them in a specific container or tube to avoid crushing or exposure to high temperatures.

Minor Repairs:

For minor tears in the feathers, you can use glue specifically designed for shuttlecock repair. However, for significant damage, replacement is advisable.


Q: Are Kmart shuttlecocks good quality?

A: The quality varies depending on the specific type you choose. Nylon and plastic options are generally considered good for beginners and casual play, while their feather offerings might cater to intermediate players on a budget. Remember, proper technique and storage are crucial for maximizing their lifespan and performance.

Q: What are the different types of Kmart shuttlecocks available?

A: The selection might vary depending on location and store size, but they typically offer nylon, plastic, and feather shuttlecocks in various weights and quantities. Check their online store or inquire at your local Kmart for the latest options.


Although Kmart shuttlecocks aren’t the best badminton shuttlecocks available, they have played a significant historical role in the game, especially for casual and novice players. They offered a convenient point of entry, encouraging backyard sports and entertainment for the whole family across generations. The memory of those bird flights over backyards and basements endure despite the changing shopping scene. The next time you buy a shuttlecock from Kmart, remember that it’s more than just a toy; it’s a piece of badminton history waiting to be used in your next tournament.

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