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Badminton, a fast-moving and energetic racquet sport, need players to be a multi-skilled in order to overcome their opponents on the court. To succeed in the game, one must be able to perform a variety of shots. So today we will talk about types of shots in badminton.

We will examine both offensive and defensive strategies used by players to have the upper hand in a match as we dig into the specifics of various badminton strokes.

Before we started if you have no concept of how to grip a racket, then check the link.

Types of Shots in Badminton

Defensive Badminton Clear/Lob:

A basic shot to launch the shuttlecock high and far into the other team’s court is the defensive clear, sometimes referred to as a lob.

When a player is under pressure and wants to make space in order to reclaim a good position on the court, this shot is especially helpful.

This is a fundamental badminton shot. Every newbie should first master this. The defensive badminton clear is used to get you out of problems.

Badminton Drop Shot:

In a drop shot, the player delicately taps the shuttlecock over the net, causing it to land just behind on the other player’s side. Players often use this shot to surprise opponents, as it requires dexterity and a delicate touch.

Badminton Smash

The smash is a very strong attacking stroke that includes smashing the shuttlecock well into the other team’s court. A player’s attacking toolkit should include a well-timed smash, which may apply tremendous pressure to the opposition.

Badminton Jump Smash

The jump smash is an advanced version of the regular smash, where the player adds an explosive jump to generate even more power and height. This aggressive shot is often employed to counter high clears or lobs and requires excellent timing and athleticism.

Badminton Net Shot (Tumbling/Spinning Net Shot)

The net shot is a skillfully executed move that is performed in close range to the net, just managing to clear it and putting the opposition in a difficult position.

Badminton Net Kill

A player executes a net kill, an attacking shot near the net with the goal of intercepting the shuttlecock early and sending it sharply downward. This shot demands rapid reactions and flawless net play.

Defensive Badminton Net Lift

Sometimes, the person on the other end of the net may be quite skilled. They could hit some really impressive badminton strokes across the net.

When you’re finding it difficult to return your opponent’s badminton strokes along the net, make use of the defensive net lift.

If your opponent is playing really well along the net, don’t be afraid to use the high lift. By doing this, you may stop your opponent from making a net kill attack.

The net lift throws the shuttle high up to your opponent’s baseline. It resembles the underarm defensive clear, but the net lift is often executed very close to the net

As a result, it’s critical that you practice raising the shuttle high enough to avoid hitting the net.

Badminton Drive

Players exchange quick and intense badminton shots horizontally across the net when executing drives. The primary motivation for hitting the drive is to quicken the game’s tempo.

Use this only when you’re familiar with the rally’s speed.

If you’re not doing well or making some errors , don’t play drives with your opponent.


Learning the different kinds of shots in badminton is crucial for players who want to improve. Players can adjust to many scenarios on the court with their combination of defensive skill and offensive force. This makes them tough rivals in the badminton globe. It’s a fascinating and difficult sport to play and watch because every kind of stroke, from a forceful smash to a deft net shot, adds another level of intricacy to the game.

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