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Victor, a world-class badminton brand, produces badminton rackets known for their power, speed, and precision. With so many distinct Victor racket series to pick from, determining which one is best for you might be challenging. In this introduction, we will look at the various Victor racket series and analyze their essential characteristics.

As one of the top three badminton brands, Victor currently only offers three primary badminton racket series in its worldwide market portfolio. Victor has categorized its three major badminton racket series into power, speed, and all-around. The Thruster series epitomizes power, the Auraspeed series embodies speed, and the Drive-X represents all-around category.

Let me go over World Badminton’s latest Victor racket series with you. Before I begin, make sure to read comparable racket series introduction guidelines for both Yonex and Li Ning!

Thruster Series

Victor’s most famous racket is the Thruster, renowned for its power and stability. Thruster rackets are often head-heavy, making them excellent for players who desire to smash hard. Thruster rackets such as the Thruster Ryuga 1 and Thruster F Enhanced are among the most popular.

Auraspeed Series

Victor’s speed racket line is called Auraspeed. Auraspeed rackets are often lighter in the head than Thruster rackets, making them simpler to swing and manipulate. These rackets are suitable for players who want to play at a quick tempo. Auraspeed rackets that are particularly well-liked include the Auraspeed 90K and Auraspeed 100X.

auraspeed victor racket

Drive X Series

Drive X is an all-around racket series in Victor line. Power, speed, and control are all nicely balanced in Drive X rackets. They are suitable for those looking for a dynamic racket that can excel in all aspects of the game. Among the most well-liked Drive X rackets are the Drive X 9X and Drive X 7X models.

Drive-X victor rackets series


Victor offers a large variety of badminton rackets to select from, so you must be sure to select the right one that is perfect for your playing style and preferences. If you are not sure which racket to buy, it is a good idea to try out a few different rackets before you pay for that racket. You can also ask your badminton coach or experienced player for free advice. So that’s all for Victor’s Badminton rackets. If any doubt let me know in the comments.


Which Victor racket series is right for me? The perfect Victor racket series depends on your playing style. If you want maximum power, the Thruster series is ideal. For maximum speed, the Auraspeed series is the perfect choice. The Drive X series is for balanced player.

What is the difference between a head-heavy and head-light racket? A head-heavy racket has more weight in the head, making it easier for hard smashes but harder to move. A head-light racket has more weight in the handle, making it easier to swing and move but harder to hit strong smashes.

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